Sonder keyboard

Infinite possibilities
at your fingertips

A Foxconn International Holdings company

Infinite possibilities on the go.

No longer do you have to memorise hundreds of shortcuts. Work faster and smarter with the Sonder keyboard. For work or play, it adapts to you to display app-specific layouts on the keys for all your applications.

The future is clear.

With Sonder you can create specific hotkeys and macros for more control at your fingertips. Customise each key to have their own individual icons to ensure you know what keys you’re pressing at all times.


Designed to the very last detail. And then some.

The Sonder keyboard is performance and design, right at your fingertips. We meticulously designed and engineered the Sonder keyboard, from the inside out. The final product is an advanced, elegant keyboard with transparent keys and a bespoke display that’s as much a work of art as it is state of the art.

Let there be Light.

Whether you’re gaming at night, or working in a studio, Sonder’s front lighting through an advanced fiber optic waveguide will ensure you never miss a key in the dark. Sonder feels as good as it looks too, your fingers will love the patented crisp, responsive key mechanism.

Infinite possibilities

Customise your keyboard from QWERTY to DVORAK, from English to Chinese and beyond. Type emoticons to text, or create your very own keys to perform whatever command you wish.You’re only limited by your imagination. Create macros to eliminate long, complex sequences of commands to the touch of a single keystroke along with its own custom icon.


The Bluetooth 

Your Mac or PC, tablet or smart phone works with the Sonder keyboard through Bluetooth technology. Just follow a few simple steps to pair them. Then you can move your keyboard anywhere within range and wirelessly type away. To charge the internal battery, simply plug in the braided fiber cables – perfect also when you want to eliminate input lag.

Sonder library & community

Users can generate and share layouts for languages, dialects, macros, widgets and new games and programs.

Sonder cloud.

Every Sonder keyboard is unique, personalise it your way. Perhaps you use your Sonder as a bloomberg terminal, or for audio editing; with Sonder all your settings are saved automatically to the cloud.

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